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About Maria Wind

Owner/operator Maria Wind received her formal horticultural training at the New York Botanical Garden's Sustainable Garden Design certificate program, and has 21 years of gardening experience in New York and New Jersey. Maria believes in honesty, integrity and precision in her work, and holds her standards high. She has vowed to help our environment prosper by promoting sound and safe garden practices.

Maria's love of nature goes back to her childhood when, growing up in an apartment with no yard access, she and her family sought out the large green space of nearby Astoria Park, where she would play. Maria did not connect this early love of nature to a possible career choice until a few years ago, when a family tragedy initiated an undreamed-of chain of events. As Maria has written, "I had been a hobby gardener who suddenly craved and needed the beauty, peace and connection to earth. My garden became my sanctuary, and gardening my therapy. As my passion grew, I decided to formalize and fine tune my talents at NYBG and begin a business doing what I love most." Maria has brought this transformative experience to bear in creating and operating Wind Garden Design.