Spigelia marilandica
Spigelia marilandica
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We hear this word constantly these days, but what does it mean?

Sustainability is the ability to maintain, endure, and reproduce without depleting the natural environment. Our earth’s resources are indeed finite- they will be consumed unless our population takes positive measures to preserve our clean water, peat bogs, natural habitats, trees, shrubs, and flowers while reducing chemical fertilizers and pesticides. We can all positively impact our world one yard, street, community, etc at a time. It really does start with US.

The urban population has increased 20% from 1960- 2014, taxing our food and water supplies, air quality and waste management. How can we help?

Plant Wisely

  • Plants are oxygen producers and carbon dioxide eliminators
  • Trees provide habitats for beneficial insects and birds
  • Native plant species are more adaptable to our climate thus reducing the need to water and fertilize
  • Certain plants feed and support monarch butterflies and pollinators, which are imperative to produce fruits and perpetuate the next generation of plants
  • Many shrubs and groundcovers provide habitats for frogs and toads, which feed on insects and slugs.
  • Create a healthy eco- system by planting a diverse garden.


  • Recycle paper, plastic, and cans in your town as directed.
  • Compost your kitchen scraps (no meat), cardboard, newspapers, grass clippings, and leaves. Create the best soil amendment for your garden, black gold, and watch your flowers and shrubs reward you with optimal growth. Want to begin composting? We can help. We can build bins and show you how to maintain them. Give us a call.